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Electoral Fraud Accusations Threaten Peace

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Electoral Fraud Accusations, Personal Injury

Presidential elections always seem to be shrouded with negativity, accusations and even worse illegal activity actually taking place. After all, there is fierce competition and with 54 candidates this year it’s certainly competitive. This time however it’s the Haiti municipal legislative and presidential elections which were held on Sunday in the accusation firing line.

It seems that some of the election observers and also the opposing candidates have alleged and made claims that have seen a huge case of systematic fraud in this year’s elections with missing votes, black market accreditation cards and even ballot stuffing.

Who’s To Blame?

The front runner in these allegations of fraud is none other than the former Senator Moïse Jean-Charles, who is actually currently one of the front runners out of all of the other 53 candidates.

hqdefaultFollowing the accusations from Jean-Charles of actually burning the ballot votes and then leaving the burnt embers behind the Port-au-Prince. On top of the burning of votes, other votes seem to have mysteriously gone missing too. As a result of this, lots of supporters of Jean-Charles have built up tyres barricaded in some sectors of the city and set them alight in protest.

Other people are saying it’s a complete cover-up and that actually links all the way up to President Michel Martelly.

Ballot Stuffing and More

Yep! Unfortunately it doesn’t end there.

stuffingtheballotboxAlongside the allegations of destroying and votes missing for the opposition, it’s also claimed that there has been large number of ballot stuffing, voters actually using the voting booths multiple times and even going as far as the black market sales of accreditation cards too.

These accreditation cards are supposed to minimize the chanced of fraud and were distributed around to the party monitors before the election began, and have been reported to have been sold on Sunday for just $3 each. Then the same cards being used multiple times has further strengthened the accusations and irregularity in the votes.

The Election Verification Process

Similar to other elections across the globe, every single Haitian ballot elections go through an extremely strict and stringent verifications process to help prevent and stop voting fraud and are all held in a secure location. The initial results are supposed to be announced after November 3rd.

The spokesperson for the current President Michel Martelly’s party has obviously already completely denied all accusations and allegations of fraud and called them “pure fiction”. Only time will tell what has actually happened and how this all turns out but the for people of Haiti these accusations and allegations are certainly not going to be providing anyone with trust that their votes actually do count and likewise who is going to win this year’s election. If you want to find out more visit suing bank.

Fingers crossed everything gets sorted and these allegations are simply smear campaigns by the competitors to try and tarnish the Senators name in this year’s campaign. Although only time will tell, we will all sit tight until shortly after November 3rd for the initial results.


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State Prosecutors Find Wayne Simmons Guilty Comments Off on State Prosecutors Find Wayne Simmons Guilty

State Prosecutors Find Wayne Simmons Guilty

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Personal Injury, State Prosecutors

62 year old Wayne Simmons has been arrested and charged with wire fraud and making false statements to the government by the federal grand jury. He also went as far as falsely claiming he actually worked for the CIA.

Simmons is a member of several conservative activist parties, including being a media figure for the house to convene a Benghazi Select Committee. He was also often seen on Fox News and was one of the media experts on the 2012 Benghazi attacks too, which begs the question, is there anything he wasn’t a supposed expert in?

Modern Day “Catch Me If You Can”

Catch-Me-If-You-Can-900x9001Born Wayne Shelby Simmons of Annapolis, Maryland, Simmons claimed he worked as an “Outside Paramilitary Special Operations Officer” for the US CIA from 1972 to 2000. The reason he falsely claimed this was to try and become a defense contractor and was actually deployed overseas where he served as none only than an intelligence advisor to the senior military personnel over there.

That in itself exposed a huge flaw in the system as he used his lies to obtain government security clearances and resulted in this chain of events and more lies, deception and fraud as a result.

Lies Upon Lies and Then Some Fraud On Top

To get the security clearances he needed to be deployed abroad and falsely serve as an intelligence officer, Simmons lied on his security clearance forms and said his prior arrests and criminal convictions were related to his previous work in the CIA and that when he supposedly worked there (another one of his lies) he held top level security clearances.

His arrest and subsequent guilty charges also accused him of defrauding one victim out of $125,000 as part of a real estate deal that didn’t even exist.

CIA, Real Estate Investments, What Else Did This Deluded Criminal Not Do?

CIAWhat makes this story more interesting though is that he didn’t try and hide these lies to the public, in fact, he went out and showcased himself to the world by appearing on Fox News and being a member of many activist committees. In fact, Fox News referred to him as a former CIA operative.

However, in an organization shrouded in secrecy and multiple clearance levels, who was to even question the fact that he was never officially in the CIA and lived a life full of lies and deception?

His Connection to Fox News

Fox News denies that Simmons was ever a paid guest or contributor for their network and instead insists that he was simply a non paid guest. Although he did appear on their network an awful lot, after these facts have come to light it would make sense that he did just like to flaunt and show off his lies and try and fool the world as well as the government.

However, this could just be a ploy to try and stop the hate branding from Fox’s viewers as they too have obviously been defrauded and have helped to showcase one man’s lies to the world.

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Law on Protection of Personal Data Comments Off on Law on Protection of Personal Data

Law on Protection of Personal Data

Posted by on Nov 12, 2015 in Personal Injury

All of the people in the whole world use Internet. We all know that most information that we need we can easily find on the Internet, but, do we know that Internet is not the safest place in the world?


We have our Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, then profiles on many different sites and don’t even think about that our information can be misused. Our every step on Internet is somewhere written and we are not anonymous. When some pages offer us to do some polls and guarantee that we are 100% secure, we can never be secure on Internet, and we can never stay anonymous.
We have also gambling profiles and we give our bank account to them and we think that we are anonymous. Even if we made a fake account and another account in the bank just for gambling, they exactly know who we are and where we live.
This whole system is planned and it tries to be hidden, but it is not.
Today every country has “Law on Protection of Personal Data”. The target of this law is to protect any personal information and they can be, for example:

yourfile-Personal data which means that we are protected and no one can establish the true identity of the person if we don’t want to;
-carrier of the data which means that our identification number is 100% safe;
– special categories which means that no one can find out:
a) racial summary, citizenship, political preference, religious preference…
b)our crimes and our criminal convictions;

They say that we are 100% protected from any danger on the Internet. The biggest mistakes that people do today are that they let their children use Internet without any prior knowledge about dangers on Internet. In this way, children bring themselves in big troubles by filling out their information and day routines. Also the religion isn’t a private thing anymore. You can find on internet many people who openly say about their religion preference and they don’t think that they can get in big troubles. Someone can use those information against you. Be careful what you say and what you do on internet.

downloadFacebook is one of the most popular and most visited websites on Internet. Millions of people have their account and have given their real information. They even don’t know in what kind of dirty business they embarked themselves on.
We also have our mobile phones and every application has access to your private information. Applications can share your information with other people and you don’t even know. Google can on easy way to locate you and find out where are you in this moment. Isn’t this totally crazy?

Many people don’t read what the application can do with your information when you install them. Those applications are very dangerous but despite we all have them. We live in the world where we are not in our house safe and I don’t want to talk about the world outside your walls.

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